How to find affordable gear – running shoes

When I decided to start running as a form of exercise to compliment my weight loss, one of the first things I wanted to explore is the cost of a quality pair of running shoes. I immediately Googled running shoe reviews and found some websites that were alright and gave some good information. One shoe that kept popping up on just about every top list I was reading was the New Balance 758. The prevailing opinion was that for the level of quality and it’s features it was a really good buy at its price point. The price fluctuated greatly depending on the online store I saw them at. One store I kept coming back to because of its overall low prices was Joe’s New Balance Outlet. I took a chance and ordered a pair. They arrived in a relatively short period of time so I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of shipping. Upon Opening the box I was very happy with the apparent build quality and overall look of the shoe.

I got the shoes in winter time so I was mainly using them on the treadmill. What I was most impressed with about these shoes was how light and comfortable they were. I read how people run with either normal pronation or over or under pronation, these shoes are sort of mid-range (normal pronation) in that regard. For me these puppies really started to shine when the weather warmed up and my wife and I started running outside in our neighborhood. What is nice about them is sometimes I forget I have them on they weigh so little. They provide good stability and balance. They are so good my wife wanted a pair. They are on their way here and should arrive early next week. Hopefully Sarah will post the review of her shoes at some point.

In conclusion if you are similar to me in that you are just starting to run to get in shape and are looking for running shoes that are light, comfortable, provide good support and stability, have a quality build and won’t break the bank then the New Balance 758’s are a pair of shoes you should consider buying. I highly recommend them.

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