Daily eating plan for a slimmer you

Several days ago I gave you 5 things you can do to eat healthier and lose weight. Today I’m going to lay out a daily eating plan. This is pretty much what I followed to help me slim down. Keep in mind this is only a guideline to give you an idea of what you can eat on a daily basis. This evolved over time to what I am listing here.

Daily Eating Plan


Choice 1 – Bowl of cereal (I recommend choosing cereals that stay within the 100-130 calories per serving range) Make sure that you don’t fill the bowl so it’s overflowing. The idea here is to eat a medium bowl keeping within the thought of feeling like you’ve eaten enough so you’re not hungry but also eating less to lose weight.

Choice 2 – Two pieces of toast with jam and peanut butter. I found the lowest calorie bread I could at the grocery and it tastes just fine, plus the jam is low-calorie as well. I used regular peanut butter but in moderation it worked for me.

Choice 3 – Instant Oatmeal – Again if you take the time to read the labels at the grocery there are ones that are low-calorie.


Lunch is a “to each their own” meal. I work 8-5 Monday through Friday so I like to take a frozen dinner. It is quick to pack in the morning and I don’t care to fix food the night before. However, if you do more power to you. There’s no right or wrong here, just low-calorie and moderate portions.

My only daily choice – Low calorie frozen entrée, a low-calorie pudding and water to drink. Once I lost the weight I allowed myself a 1 ounce bag of chips from the break room machine. It’s nice because you’re not eating a full bag of Doritos from the store, you’re eating 1 ounce.


Dinner was just about the toughest of the meals for me to police. Once you start weeding out all the garbage out of your pantry from better shopping it becomes easier. This meal is the one where portion control is most critical.

Choice 1 – Any lean meat (usually turkey based is the best), two side vegetables (canned, frozen or fresh – the point is that they are vegetables)

Choice 2 – Lunch meat sandwich (thin sliced turkey or ham), pretzels (moderate portion), piece of fresh fruit


Yes, you can eat a desert when losing weight. The key here is to read the labels at the grocery to make sure they are a smaller portion and low-calorie. I chose to have a frozen desert after dinner often.


I totally gave up soda when I started eating healthier. I haven’t had soda in about 8 months or so and don’t miss it like I thought I would. Me without a Diet Coke in my hand was unthinkable last year. I found that I really like zero calorie sports drinks and water. I also have a morning cup of coffee with fat-free creamer and small amount of sugar.

So that’s it. I have followed this guideline and it helped me drop 3-4 waist sizes in pants and 3 sizes in shirts. For me and I’ll bet for you it was all about changing my daily eating habits, not just a diet. I have tried to “diet” many times in the past and it’s always the same thing, lose weight, regain weight. I genuinely like the taste of the low-calorie foods better now. Ask me any questions you want and I will be honest with my answer. I plan on listing the exact foods names and brands that I eat in an upcoming post. Good luck and good eating.

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2 Responses to Daily eating plan for a slimmer you

  1. brookeyool says:

    Hi Mike,

    Congrats on your weight loss, and the new hobby you’ve found with your wife!

    My piece of advice I’d give to anyone reading this entry is to find higher fiber frozen dinners (or, better yet, making big batches of food over the weekend) and use higher fiber bread on your sandwiches, so long as you aren’t sacrificing flavor. The fiber, along with drinking water to hydrate the fiber and “inflate” it, will make you feel fuller, making it easier to sustain the eating plan in the long run.

    Keep at it! 🙂

    • mberninger says:

      Hi Brooke,

      Thanks for the well wishes. It’s been really nice going on this journey together with my wife.

      Luckily for me I haven’t had the lack of feeling full or suffered from hunger pains hardly at all during this process. My main goal was eating low-calorie foods as much as possible. I wasn’t as focused on high fiber, low carbs or high proteins. However, I found that many times the food choices I was making incorporated those things anyway. Making food on the weekend to use throughout the week is always a goal, so hopefully that will happen more in the future. Thanks again.

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