So, it’s been awhile since we posted anything to our blog, but I am making a commitment in 2012 to keep up with this! It’s good motivation. Mike and I have spent the last year and a half losing weight and eating healthy…little did I know that was going to be the easy part!

It’s been about 6 months now and we are both to the stage of “maintaining.”  I had no idea how tough this stage was going to be, and it wasn’t long until I realized that this will an every day challenge. This was truly a life style change for us–it had to be.

I wanted to share a few tips that have gotten me going this month;

1. It’s Ok to have a cheat meal, or even dessert. If you don’t, you will just end up trying to fill that craving with anything and everything in sight and that won’t make it go away.
2. Exercise is key! Stay active–download some new tunes and hit that treadmill!
3. Mix things up.  Eating the same meals & snacks over and over gets boring. Try out some new recipes and change up that work out routine…it helps!

Our Before & After Shots

You will be surprised what a few changes in your routine can do. I am looking forward to this next chapter in 2012 and I am excited to share what I learn with all of you.

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Perservering with weight loss

Have you ever read a quote about success? They do tend to have some common denomination in them. Almost all quotes emphasize that you fail when you give up. If you are looking for ways to lose weight because you have failed a lot of times, then you should take this quote and use it. Giving up technically is equal to failure. But in weight loss it can’t be helped. There is only one factor that adds to your failure and that is having an incorrect plan. So to avoid more excuses with failure, you should at least use the appropriate plan. When you do so, you will have no other reasons for giving up.

It may seem harsh or hard, but it isn’t that bad really. Once you use the healthy method plan, which is an appropriate plan for everyone, you will discover a lot of alternatives and techniques to finally reach your goals. The thing that matters now is your perseverance to really finish the task. Let’s see some guidelines that can improve your perseverance.

Know the reason

You should know by all means why you are attempting to lose weight. If you don’t know why, then you better stop trying. Your reason can be anything. Mostly it may be due to appearance. With a good idea of why you are actually doing this makes you feel a lot more consistent. Knowing your goal makes you fall in a straight line.

Set the target

To persevere, you should aim properly at the target and by all means reach them. With a proper goal, you can do so. A goal should at least include a date, a target pounds and other specific details.

Be positive

Always be positive. Healthy weight loss will not get in your way. What you eat and do, are both aligned to positivity. Exercise and a good diet promote nutrients and fitness that makes you feel good and active. You can also invite positivity in your life by joining weight loss clubs or having a supportive set of friends and family.

Enjoy the process

The only way for you to persevere and stick to your plan is when you enjoy the process. You should know that the more you discover healthy weight loss methods, the more you will realize the beauty of it. Your aim is to make it a lifestyle. It can be easily done as long as you take it step by step. Don’t haste things out for we are up to quality rather than speed. Develop some techniques to improve your eating pattern and exercise and hopefully turn them to habits. Make some experiments and think out of the box. For example, exercise is not just about jogs and gym, it can also be about sports and travel.

These are just a few and it’s up to you to learn more about it. As long as you persevere with your weight loss plan, you will be fine.

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Getting a good weight loss partner

Nothing beats weight loss with a partner. You may notice that you may feel lonely with your weight loss plan. This should not necessarily be the case. You can definitely have someone to help you get your goals. Doing it alone may make the problem harder to beat but with a friend by your side can change it otherwise. Today, we will tackle matters in regards to getting a good weight loss partner.

Finding a partner

This can be the hardest task. You should find a partner who shares the same endeavor as you. You may have a friend or perhaps someone who is not essentially a close friend. Remember that you will need someone who will equally pay special attention to their weight. Take time on this and don’t worry, you will find one. For worst case scenario though, you may want to join weight loss clubs to acquaint with someone new.

A contract

A contract is necessary and it may be written in papers. Make sure that you both agree on the terms and conditions. The thing is you should include specific details in the contract in which you include both of your goals. It should be in clarity and also with dates if possible. You may include your individual tasks to follow to truly clarify your obligations.

Make the process fun

You should know that weight loss is a whole lot more fun now that you have a buddy. A mild competition between the two of you may get you better results. You may have daily or weekly targets and some prizes will help. The fact that you have someone to compete with will make you feel obliged and as well as challenged to beat the other. In the end, both of you benefit from the activities.

Maintain a stable communication

You may want to have some meet ups weekly or you can just have contact through emails, exchanging current weight and other related stuff. A stable line will help you track each other. You will have to do this as part of your role. A single text a day is good enough. Make sure you allow your partner to feel your presence and that the competition is still on.

Learn together and share

Learn new things and share your learning with your partner. It will become a synergized kind of learning. This actually gives you better results than just tackling and finding ways to lose weight on your own.

Lastly, you should be able to maintain a professional approach and be there for your partner and encourage them when they feel down. Remember your goals and always consider the end results. With a partner you can definitely have a smooth path to weight loss. Two heads are certainly better than one.

Alex provides weight loss tips and other healthy guides on how to lose weight naturally.

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Accomplishing the goal, our experience running the Flying Pig 5k

So here we are post race by 3 or 4 days. It proved to be a little tougher getting the video and images from the event that our friends shot for us. I have just received them and am now writing this post.

Sarah and I have been planning to run the Flying Pig 5k for many weeks. It didn’t seem like it would ever get here. Saturday morning finally arrived. We both got plenty of sleep and felt great. We arrived in downtown Cincinnati a little over an hour before race time and nearly froze walking from 6th street down to Great American Ballpark. Luckily the weather got warmer pretty quickly and by the start of the race the temperature felt pretty nice. We stopped for a photo before we hit the starting line.

It was a huge crowd at the starting line as the race officially listed 2,969 as the total number of finishers. This was our first race ever and it was a bit overwhelming to be with that many people starting to run at one time.  Here’s a photo of the start banner.

If you looked at the course on a map it resembled a capital L laying on its side. As we ran the first leg of the race it was mostly flat as we headed toward Paul Brown Stadium and the Freedom Center. We made it to the end of the first straight away and there was a policeman shouting words of encouragement as we turned right and looped back around to run the straight away again in the other direction. When we were just about back to the original spot we noticed our friends Aaron and Terri who were shooting video and taking photos with their iPhones. The funny part about our running is we both felt we were running at a fairly good pace, but on video it looks like we are running slow.

Eventually we turned left up a steep street and then a quick right down another straight away. There were a few more turns until we made the final right turn toward the finish line. We were feeling pretty tired during the last part of the race, but the amount of people on the sidelines cheering and making noise really helped keep us going. There’s something universal about the sound of a cowbell at a sporting even that gets you pumped. I gave it all I had to finish strong and so did Sarah. Here is the last video of us completing the race at the Finish Swine.

After we finished running and were catching our breath and cooling down we were happy to see on the way out that there were several tables setup with bottled water, fresh fruit, fruit cups and low-calorie granola bars. That was a big help when you didn’t have anything with you. The four of us made our way out of the refreshment area, across the street and down to Yeatmans Cove. We took a minute to get a picture near the water, which because of all the recent rain was much higher than normal.

All in all we had a wonderful and exciting time. We had been looking forward to this for some time but were surprised at how much fun we had. Running has become something positive that Sarah and I can do together that we enjoy and helps us to stay in shape and reach our fitness goals. Losing the weight was only the first half of the battle, exercising is the second. Looking forward we have already registered for a smaller, local 5k run and then we plan to be back downtown for the Cincinnati Redlegs 5k in June. We will of course keep everyone updated. Did any of you run in any of the Flying Pig events this past weekend? Did anyone, anywhere run in any races recently? We would love for you to share your story.

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Peeps: Can They Be Trusted? (via )

I have a long history with Peeps in my family and I enjoyed reading this post and thought I would share it on our blog. Please continue to share your Peeps with our Peeps!

Peeps: Can They Be Trusted? Happy Easter! I just want to throw some food for thought out there. Why is it that Peeps taste WAY better stale than they do fresh out of the box? The texture and consistency are better, they don't seem so sickeningly sweet–literally everything about them improves when they're stale. That's just not right. Food is supposed to taste worse as it gets stale–it's a biological defense mechanism that our taste buds and other senses are repulsed by st … Read More


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